Tarot and actuality

The divinatory arts are well-known and used for millenaries: indeed the oldest civilizations used to use them in several ways. For example, the Arab people used a lot the astrology and the numerology to predict the future, especially to foresee the natural disasters and protect themselves from them. More recently, the Gypsy people popularized the art of divination and clairvoyance: crystal ball, palm reading and tarology, pendulum... There are many divinatory practices, which gather more and more enthusiasts.

Art of tarology

The tarology is a mean of cards reading allowing to predict the future: it is based on the belief in the existence of a link between the tarot pictures and the events happening on earth. Indeed each tarot picture matches a personnality trait or and event which is innately retaled to someone. So the fortune-tellers are able to study the personnality of their customers, and predict their future from the cards drawing. The tarology is an occult divinatory art, which does not rest upon any scientific founding, but it enables many people to find some answers to theirs questions, and comprehend their lives in a more peaceful way.


The astrology consists in studying the position and the movement of the several celestial bodies to predict the future: indeed, by studying rigorously the motion of the stars, the planets and the constellations, the astrologists are able to deduce some predictions about the incoming events. The astrology is well-known for millenaries: indeed the Egyptians used to believe so much in the influence of the celestial bodies on the sequence of events on earth, because they considered them as gods. Nowadays the astrology is widely spreaded: indeed, although it was often denigrated by the scientific community because of its lack of concrete founding, this arcane practice helps a lot of people in finding their inner peace, and enables them to have a more serene life.